Security Screen Doors: What You Need to Know About Selection

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Securing your doors is one of the most practical ways to keep your home safe. That's because many burglars will try to use the doors to get inside your home. And that's why investing in security screen doors is essential. Unlike standard doors, security screen doors have sturdier frames. What's more, most of them come with non-removable hinges, and they have keyed locks made from heavy-duty materials such as steel or aluminium. But finding the right security screen door for your home can be challenging. That's because there are multiple options to choose from, and if it's your first time looking for one, you will need some guidance in finding the right one. Here is all you need to know during your selection.

The Door Frame Material Is Important

Security doors should be strong enough to make it harder for burglars to gain access to your home. They should also be able to withstand outdoor elements and be easy to maintain. And for all these, you need to consider the frame material. Many security screen doors are made from aluminium or steel, although you can still find options made from metal alloys.

Steel is sturdier than aluminium, which means it would perform better when it comes to impact resistance. It's also heavier and will be slimmer than an aluminium security door. However, one primary concern with steel security screen doors is that unlike their aluminium counterparts, their performance when it comes to corrosion resistance tends to be poor.

If you're concerned about aesthetics, consider aluminium. You will get more design options, particularly when it comes to colours with aluminium than steel.

Assess the Security Grade Before Buying

Security screen doors come in different grades. And generally, the standard options you will come across include security grade and barrier grade. Security grade security doors tend to be the most secure. Compared to barrier-grade security screen doors, security-grade screen doors have sturdier hardware and more fixings and hinges. You will, however, spend more on a security-grade door.

The level of security you need should help you determine the security grade to select. If you experience a lot of break-ins in your area, for instance, a security grade screen door would be the ideal choice.

Installation and Mounting Also Matter

The installation method is also essential when it comes to security screen door installation. Tube framing and flush mounting are the primary installation methods. Consider flush mounting if you need a more natural and seamless look on your security screen door. This installation method also creates a better seal than a tube framed door.

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