3 Reasons to Install Bullet Cameras on Your CCTV System

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It's important to choose the right type of security camera for a new CCTV system. Your camera is your first line of defence.

If you're going to install cameras on the outside of your buildings, then bullet models are a good bet. What are their advantages?

1. Get an Obvious Deterrent

While some security cameras, like domed products, are relatively subtle and unobtrusive, bullet cameras are much more visible. Their elongated bullet shape makes them stand out on a wall or roof.

This has its advantages. Security cameras aren't just there to monitor and record criminal behaviour. They can also prevent it from happening in the first place.

So, if someone is casing your office to see if they can break in, the sight of a few bullet cameras may put them off. They will be able to see quite clearly that you have CCTV security in place.

2. Get a Better Range

Some security cameras work best over a limited range. They can monitor and record within a certain area.

If you want wider coverage over a bigger area, then bullet cameras can do this more effectively. For example, if you want to cover a large car park or all of an external storage area on your warehouse, then these cameras are a good fit.

Bullet cameras are bigger than some other models. They can take larger lenses that can cover greater distances. They give you a feasible long-range option.

Plus, if an individual camera can cover a wider area, then you should be able to reduce the number of cameras you need to put up around your site. The fewer cameras you use, the lower your system costs will be.

3. Get More Flexibility

If you put up domed CCTV cameras, you typically need to choose the right position for the lens when you install the cameras. If you need to tweak the viewing angle later, you may need to take a camera down and start over.

Bullet cameras are more flexible. Their mounts can go on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Also, you can easily change the position of the camera itself without taking it down if you need to make a directional change.

CCTV security system suppliers and installers can tell you more about bullet cameras and their advantages. They can also take a look at your site and recommend suitable systems and configurations for your needs.

To learn more, contact a security company about CCTV security systems.

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