What's the Best Approach When Installing New Video Security Cameras?

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Crime rates around the country continue to soar, and if you haven't already done so, you should take steps to protect your property with security devices such as cameras. Yet, before you rush out and order your devices, especially if you're thinking about installing them yourself, ensure that you do not run into problems from the outset. What are some tips to remember as you make your plans?

Choose the Appropriate Equipment 

There are many different devices on the market, with some very sophisticated video cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom and record high-quality images through infrared technology. You're sure to find something that can meet your demands, but you should prepare carefully first.

Get the Best Return

Work out where you will install the cameras so that you can get high-quality pictures at all times of the day. And remember to install those cameras where they will not be affected by too much reflected light. It may be a problem to have large areas of glass nearby or other direct light sources, especially when it comes to infrared capture at night.

Strategic Positioning

You may need to be strategic with your camera positioning so that you always get a perfect field of view. For example, installing a camera too high may not be a good idea if the lens is mounted at too steep an angle. By doing this, the camera may not be able to scan a large area outside its field of view. Where you can, double-check exactly what you will capture during installation by linking to a provided app. This may help you avoid overly steep angles or any area that branches obstruct during a pan, tilt or zoom.

Full Waterproofing

Remember, your equipment will be out in all weather conditions, and if you want it to last as long as possible and give you uninterrupted coverage, you need to look after it. Install the camera housing with its protective dust and waterproof covers, and ensure that you do the same with the cables. Pay close attention to the instructions if you're not sure, and use additional waterproof tape, if necessary, to be on the safe side.

Professional Installation

As there is so much on the line and you want to ensure that your security system works perfectly at all times, consider professional installation. When you work with these experts, they will help you avoid any viewing restrictions, confirm the best positions and waterproof all of the gear.

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