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If you're about to hire a security company to run mobile patrols around your site, then don't just assume that this is the only service you can use. Security companies often offer a range of additional services that you might also find useful. What are they?

1. Interior Patrols

Some companies only hire security companies to run an external mobile patrol. Here, security guards will drive by or around your site at key times when your business is closed to check that all is well.

While useful, it also sometimes helps to extend these patrols to include checks inside your perimeter. For example, this might be useful if you run a large factory or warehouse site with multiple buildings and areas that aren't all open to view.

In this case, your mobile patrol would come into your site and drive around all of it. They could also check your doors periodically to make sure they are locked. This extra presence could deter people from trying to break into your buildings.

2. Locking and Unlocking Services

If your site is unmanned at night, during weekends and over holidays, then you need to ensure that it is locked up tight when the last person leaves. Someone will then have to open the site up again for your next working day.

You may find it hard to find an employee who will consistently be the last person out of the building and the first one in it. You may not want to give key access to too many people for security reasons.

Some security patrols include a locking or unlocking service that could help you out here. A mobile patrol will be on site to lock it up at the end of the day. You can also arrange for them to open things up again early in the morning ready for when your employees arrive if you wish.

This service gives you peace of mind that somebody will take responsibility for your final lock-up. You also don't have to give out too many keys to too many people.

3. Staff Escorts

There may be times when you want to give your staff some added security. For example, you may worry about an employee taking your earnings to the bank on their own. Or, some of your staff may worry about getting through a dark car park to reach their cars if they work late at night.

A security company could act as an escort in these cases. For example, you could hire officers to go to the bank with your employee when they pay in your takings; for those working late, a patrol could be on site at a specific time late in the evening to reassure them.

For more information on extra services you might find useful, talk to security patrol providers.

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