3 Security Vulnerabilities to Address When Living in an Old Home

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Do you live in an old property? If so, you should understand that home security is not what it used to be a decade ago. Gone are the days when a mere lock was enough to keep your property safe. Nowadays, burglars have devised advanced techniques that make it easier for them to break into old homes. Thus, if you haven't been paying attention to the state of security in your property, here are three vulnerabilities to address.

Worn Security Hardware 

When is the last time you inspected the locking systems in your home? Are they in excellent condition? If not, they are major sources of vulnerabilities in your home. Worn door locks, warped wooden doors and windows and non-existent security systems can make your home an easy target for burglars. Therefore, conduct a security audit to determine how secure your house is. Pay attention to the following:

  • Garage locking system
  • Your front door hardware and locking system
  • All windows' locking systems

Replace worn locks and hardware to fortify your home from burglars. Don't forget your garage and patio door as they can also act as points of entry into your house.

Outdated Security Systems

Your security hardware may be in good condition, but is it efficient in safeguarding your home against intrusion? If the last time you replaced your systems was a decade ago, you probably have old and outdated ones. Even the most robust door locks are easily breakable today. Therefore, you need to pair them with burglar-deterrent systems such as the following:

  • Video surveillance systems for your property
  • Smart locks
  • Alarm systems

In addition to these, you could also use automated controls for the entry doors, including the garage door. For your gate and garage, get automated openers with the rolling code technology that generates a new code every time you open the door. Advanced security systems can go a long way in securing your home and deterring intruders.

Dark Areas Around Your House

Are there dark areas outside your home? If so, these could act as hideouts for intruders during the night. To secure your home, ensure every part around the house is adequately lit. However, instead of using regular lighting, opt for advanced security lighting. These offer excellent clarity to eliminate dark shadows which could allow intruders to hide around the home.

There are motion-activated security lights that come on when they sense movement. These are great for deterring burglars and should be installed in your front and backyards. Additionally, you can install video surveillance lighting systems that have CCTV cameras. The cameras send a live feed to your phone or computer, allowing you to monitor your outdoor area at night.

Home security has changed a great deal over the years. If you're still stuck with outdated or worn systems, it's time to make an upgrade. Talk to a security expert for professional help!

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