Two reasons why owners of animal sanctuaries should get CCTV equipment

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There are a number of reasons why someone who owners an animal sanctuary should get a CCTV system for their premises. Below are some of the main benefits they could experience by buying this security equipment.

It could allow them to protect their animals from any wild predatory creatures in the area

If a person runs an animal sanctuary which takes care of small or relatively weak animals, and the sanctuary itself is in a rural location, where there are many predatory wild animals, then they should definitely get CCTV equipment for their property.

The reason for this is that if for example, a sanctuary is occupied by goats and there are lots of wild dingoes in the area, there is a chance that the latter could sneak in by jumping over or digging under a fence and attack and consume some of the goats. If this were to happen in a sanctuary which had CCTV, the owner could examine the footage, immediately spot the method by which the dingo got onto the premises and then take the steps they need to, to prevent further attacks (such as putting a barrier into the soil underneath the fence or getting a much taller fence).

Conversely, if the owner did not have any CCTV, they would have to try to guess how the dingo got into the sanctuary. If their guess was incorrect, they may end up losing more of their goats to this predator.

It could help to identify anyone who tries to break into the sanctuary

Thieves occasionally try to break into animals sanctuaries, due to the fact that these places often have valuable medical supplies and equipment. Break-ins can put a strain on a sanctuary's finances and distress their animals. If, however, a sanctuary owner has CCTV installed, any thieves who break-in will be captured on video by this security equipment, which should help the authorities to quickly track these individuals down and perhaps even enable the sanctuary owner to retrieve the stolen supplies.

Having CCTV equipment in the sanctuary could also potentially lead to a reduction in the number of attempted or successful break-ins that a sanctuary owner has to deal with as many thieves will end up picking a different property if they notice that the one they're considering breaking into is equipped with this technology because they know that it could allow them to be identified.

Consider getting CCTV installed to your property. 

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