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CCTV surveillance is an essential security feature for any business facility. It is equally essential in homes to help you protect your loved ones and valuables. Today, the market is full of products and layouts you can use when installing your CCTV system. The options make things easy in terms of getting a fair price and a range of equipment that you can tailor to meet your needs. However, it can be quite difficult to choose the right thing when you have no idea of the criteria to use. The following piece explains some of the things you need to think about when selecting CCTV solutions.

Finding the Right Location

Placement of CCTV equipment is about strategic and ideal positioning. What locations would you like to monitor with the cameras in disguise? Which places are you comfortable letting people know that you are watching them? Such questions should linger as you choose the system and do the installation. Take note of natural factors such as sunlight and the effect it has on the quality of images and videos that your cameras can capture. At the same time, consider fitting your equipment in ideal locations where you can rely on them for security without exposing them to risks such as vandalism.

Finding the Right Sensor and Size

Sensor and size go hand in hand. You need a perfect balance between these two metrics to ensure that your CCTV delivers the quality you desire. Typically, CCTV camera lenses will range from just about three millimetres to high focal lengths of six millimetres and above. However, bigger does not necessarily mean better. A big focal length will deliver a wide view but you have to give up something on the clarity of the images. Work with focal lengths of around three millimetres, which should deliver excellent results for both commercial and domestic needs.  

Finding the Right Range for Night Vision 

Night vision is important for any CCTV system. It is imperative that you monitor the events happening when you do not have the advantage of daylight. In this case, make sure that you get cameras with infrared capability. More importantly, you need a range or distance that suits your needs considering the cost implications that this can have on your installation. Infrared ranges can be as low twenty metres and as high two hundred metres. Make sure that you tailor the range to the imminent risk in a particular section.

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